>tfw school is already starting but ur still on the bus because of delays and probably will be for another 30 minutes

a handful of morty (for people with large hands)

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today is “coon leaves everything in the wrong place” day apparently

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A Cruel Angel’s Thesis on a cracked-out Game Boy. I’m not really sure how to apologize for this.

Written in LSDJ on a Nintendo Game Boy. Recorded and mastered in Audacity.

i feel like a dead pile of sludge but hey at least cartoons exist

when i find myself in times of trouble

rick and morty comes to me

speaking words of wisdom


how do you get a 230 dollar haircut

i have no idea

why do you have a credit card

apparently so that my mom can get a $230 haircut

my mom used my credit card and spent $230 and i honestly do not care anymore